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Our generation export price since September 2018 has averaged $0.11 cents! We pass through export generation at spot price and with current prices being so high our customers have been reaping the benefits!


At Plains Power we embrace new technology to help our customers become more energy efficient and more financially independent when it comes to power costs.

Solar Power is a great way to achieve the above and Plains Power have come up with a unique way of helping our customers get best bang for their buck when it comes to solar power.



We have partnered with local solar experts Auric Electrical and aim to deliver cost effective, optimum performing & quality systems. How many Power companies help you reduce your power consumption and save you money on power!

Auric Electrical are specialist’s in the solar field, with 10 years’ experience with installs and understanding the pros and cons of solar. Solar is a fast-developing technology and we rely on specialist’s to be able to deliver our customers up to date and accurate information, ensuring they get the best quality and a system that is suited to their needs, not sold to them just to try and reach a sales target!

We hear frustration’s around what is ‘paid back’ to the customer for energy that is generated and not consumed, therefore exported back to the grid, and this having a negative impact on people’s perception of the benefits of solar. Therefore, it is so crucial to ensure you have the best advice when looking to install a system, ensuring it meet’s your needs and the system is tailored to your household. If the system is too big, too much power will be exported, if it’s too small it will not offer savings, both having a negative impact on the payback period of your system. If you get it right though, you reap the rewards of using power ‘for free’! Now wouldn’t that be a nice feeling!


Plains Power and Auric Electrical have joined together to provide a special offering to you.

  • Buy a 2.2kw solar system from Auric Electrical and join Plains Power & we will purchase your energy at the same rate you purchase ours via our special solar tariff.
  • 2.2kw system price is $6,400 incl GST.

Already have a solar system or one that is bigger than 2.2kw?

  • We are happy to help where we can, just send us confirmation of your system size and we will prepare a pricing plan to suit your usage and system type.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any system purchased from Auric Electrical, past or present, that does not exceed 2.2kw in size is eligible for our ‘special solar tariff’.
  • “We pay you what you pay us”. This is applicable for energy charges only. Network costs are charged separate and at cost.
  • Other sites that do not fit the above criteria will go onto our ‘standard solar tariff’.

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