Ryan Cockburn

Alburn Farming

Plains Power DM114 960

We’ve been with Plains Power since the early days. They have educated us along the way as to what happens in the electricity market and why. They got us onto their wholesale pricing plan which works well for our irrigation connections. They have also been very proactive at ringing us when rates are changing for the worse and if our contract could be locked in at better rates.

We have a large solar power setup and they give us the actual market price for any excess generation exported back to the grid. This is great as it is usually more than what anyone else offers, shows us how volatile the market actually is, and the price we pay for power is fixed/not exposed but the rate we export can attract the sometimes extremely high spot price.

As well as getting us a good deal on our power they are also always looking at new innovations and how to get the best for us as a customer.

Get rural power.