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pricing explained.

Learn about the different pricing options we offer and how these will best suit your farm, business, or home.

Being a local company, owned and operated in Ashburton, means we are fair and consistent with our pricing, no ‘buying business’ or ‘ripping off’ long term loyal customers. When you talk to us, we’ll explain what your power bill means, in easy-to-understand language, so you know what you’re paying for.

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Our pricing types.

Choose from the pricing types below and get exactly what you pay for.

Group 418


A fixed price for power, meaning you pay one rate for every unit of power you use.

• Suited to residential or lower users of power
• You’re not locked into a contract
• Rates are reviewed annually

Group 416

Time of use

(TOU) You are charged in four hourly blocks, which varies between time periods, weekends, and months.

• Suited to larger users of power e.g. irrigation pumps, dairy sheds, commercial users
• You are committed to an agreed contracted period
• We actively seek to forward book rates so you’re not exposed to the market when your contract expires
• Rates are offered direct from the generator and we charge a fixed rate per unit, offering transparency on what you’re paying us for
• Line losses are passed through

Group 417


Spot pricing is the ‘true’ cost of power, which is very volatile. It is crucial this offering is well understood, and we provide detailed data to support our explanation.

• Suited to consumers of energy who can ‘ride out’ the volatility
• You pay the ‘Spot’ price of electricity, which is charged in half hourly periods
• We charge a fixed rate per unit, offering transparency on what you’re paying us for
• Line losses are passed through

What makes up your power bill.


The delivery charges from
the local Network Authority.
Variables: Location, customer type; these charges change from area to area and between customer type.

Levies and Taxes

The Electricity Authority levy.
Variables: Stays the same for all connections, charges based on volume.


The actual electricity consumed.
Variables: Volume/connection
type and location.


The actual cost charges from Metering Equipment Providers.
Variables: MEP type and connection.

Line losses

Electricity lost between the Networks grid exit point (GXP) and your meter. This cost is visible with TOU & Spot pricing but built into a Fixed Rate product.

Average ElectricityBill Generation 32% Distribution 27% Retail 13% GST* 13% Transmission 10.5% Other 4.5%

*GST is 15% of the pre-GST cost and therefore 13% of the GST-inclusive amount.

Source: Electricity Authority

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Additional benefits.

  • We keep our pricing consistent between customer types
  • We are transparent with the presentation of charges, making this clearer to explain and ensuring you can see you are getting a fair deal.
  • We offer the best price up front, no confusing prompt payment discounts or ripping off long term loyal customers.
  • We provide accurate quotes, based on your actual consumption, no ‘guesstimates’ on what you ‘might’ use to try and make us look good.
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Want to know more?

We don’t have pricing available on our website, it’s not because we’ve got something to hide, it’s because pricing is specific to a customer and we are humans, not robots.

Getting a comparison is easy, simply provide us with a recent power bill and we’ll let you know how we compare. To get a quote or request a copy of our rates, please email Emma, Gin and Nicola at or give us a call on 0800 75 25 75.

Emma, Gin or Nicola will work with you directly and ensure you are being offered the most suitable deal.