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Overview of services.

Plains Power is the only locally-owned and operated power company in the Mid Canterbury area.
We’re locally based here in Ashburton, therefore are focused on looking after local customers through a personable service.
Learn about the categories of which we service below.

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Get the best deal for power, and a better understanding of what you’re paying for and why. Having started from scratch, we understand what you need from us and how it all works. The best service often comes from the small guys, connect your power via local farmers.

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Minimise your power costs, and choose a power package that’s proactive for your business. All you need us to be able to turn on the switch and go, therefore we connect your power directly to the source. We work hard to ensure you can save money on your power bill, which means we’re always looking ahead to new innovative options such as Solar.

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Choose a local power provider, while getting what’s best for you and your family. We’re based right here in Ashburton, continuing to service the Mid Canterbury locals. Nominate your local club or community, and we’ll give back to them though our Save to Share program.