Commercial power suppliers.

Commercial power usually makes up a significant annual cost for a business, but as your supplier, we work to minimise these costs where possible.

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Here at Plains Power, we help you:
  • Decide what commercial power package is suited to your business.
  • Be proactive on contracts, ensuring you aren’t exposed to market conditions when your contract expires.
  • Consider new technology that could better your energy efficiency.
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Pricing and rates.

Our commercial pricing rates will vary according to customer type and region. Choose between our Fixed, Time-of-use, or Spot power options.

solar power.

Commercial solar power helps you lock in your long term cost of energy and minimises your exposure to potential shifts in electricity prices. These shifts are becoming more frequent and volatile.

Plains Power’s solar buy back rate is simply the spot price passed directly through to you. The rate will vary every month (given it’s calculated on the spot price), and our average is currently 13.5c/kWh!

Do your bit to help NZ offset it’s carbon emissions, and reduce your costs at the same time. Consider solar for your business.


Why would we switch? We already get a good deal with our retailer.

Your current deal might be ok, but we are proactive, always looking for the best deal so you don't get 'caught out' if you roll off your contract during a period of high rates.

What is load aggregation?

Your load is valuable. We work to create additional value streams where you receive financial benefit for the management of this load.

My Network charges vary between my sites, why?

We pass through Network charges, so it's easy to determine what type of Network charge you are paying. We will work with you to explain how these are calculated and charged, and ensure you're on the right structure.

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