Residential power providers.

As local power providers, not only does our team work to offer you the best deal, but we also take the hassle out of ‘all things power’, offering you an outstanding service.

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Here at Plains Power, we help you:
  • Choose what plan is best suited to you
  • Understand your power bills and what the charges relate to
  • Give back to your local community
  • Get a competitive price
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Pricing and rates.

Residential power rates are differentiated between customer type, and your region. Choose between our Fixed, Time-of-use, or Spot power options.

Solar power
for your home.

We’re working with customers to move through the solar process, as New Zealand moves in a more decarbonised direction.

Residential solar power helps you lock in your long term cost of energy and minimises your exposure to potential shifts in electricity prices. These shifts are becoming more frequent and volatile.

Plains Power’s solar buy back rate is simply the spot price passed directly through to you. The rate will vary every month (given it’s calculated on the spot price), and our average is currently 13.5c/kWh!

Do your bit to help NZ offset it’s carbon emissions, and reduce your costs at the same time. Consider solar for your home.


Do I need a Smart meter?

No. We do offer all of our customers free Smart meter upgrades, so if you don’t have one when you switch and you would like one, we arrange this, free of charge.

How does the switching process work?

We take care of everything for you. Once we have your details, we take care of the rest and there is nothing you need to do. It really is that simple.

Who do we call when our power goes out?

Call us on 0800 75 25 75, Option 1.

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